Saturday, April 14, 2012

So close I can SMELL it!

  Hi! Here's a BG idea I've been working on for "Home Town".  The colours look a bit different here than they do on my Cintiq.  The original is slightly warmer with subtler contrasts.  Ugh and that yellow in the tractor is not nearly so limey and pukey.  I think there is something I can do in photoshop to prevent this that I will look into. I also think I need to make the line colours on the sign and tractor something other than fact the tractor just kind of sucks altogether, haha.
   Right now we are experimenting with different looks but this is pretty much what we are shooting for (for this scene anyways). We will likely have varying looks per episode depending on what mood we are in. Hope you like it! Thanks!


JohnK said...

I like it.

Anita said...

Thank you!! I appreciate your checking it out. It was an experiment really...much improvement needed, but...gotta start somewhere right? hehe